Cotton Pink Jade Rings


This ring is made with Cotton Pink Jade Crystals
The wire is Copper, 24 gauge

Pink jade is thought to be a healing stone that can eliminate toxins from the body, and it has been said that simply holding this stone has an amazing calming effect on the nervous system.

Pink jade also is said to have powerful effects on the heart chakra and love. It encourages the strengthening and growth of relationships and romance.
This stone is also used to purify and cleanse the body, specifically helping to detoxify the liver and adrenal glands, relaxing your body's muscles, and speeding the healing of injuries.

When worn as jewelry, pink jade can help to keep a healthy, youthful glow to the skin. It is especially beneficial to women who are in or near menopause.

Copper is a great metal to wear in jewelry, wearing copper jewelry helps people get rid of or reduce joint pain, which is associated with the anti-inflammatory effect of this ingredient.
Copper helps in the absorption of iron and facilitates the formation of collagen, elastin, melanin
Copper has been found to have a positive effect on people with diabetes because copper is responsible for the production of insulin in the body.
The healing properties for copper are tremendous, and the color makes the beads stand out even more.