Aura Quartz ring


Aura quartz bead and copper wire, 24 gauge
Aura Quartz is one the few man-altered crystals to be widely approved of and used by healers. While the process of creating Aura Quartz is done by man, the enchanting color is a natural phenomenon and unlike dyed or synthetic crystals, Aura Quartz is altered in a way that is permanent. Essentially, a new crystal is created rather than just a color effect. Each is made only of Quartz and the chosen mineral. For this reason, Aura Quartz is thought to retain the healing properties of Quartz and take on the properties of the mineral. Additionally, the particular type of Aura Quartz created has its own essence and character. Truly a crystal of synergy. Aura Quartz is a beautiful reminder of what strange miracles are possible within nature if we maintaining our sense of wonder and desire for discovery.
Copper is a great metal to wear in jewelry, wearing copper jewelry helps people get rid of or reduce joint pain, which is associated with the anti-inflammatory effect of this ingredient.
Copper helps in the absorption of iron and facilitates the formation of collagen, elastin, melanin
Copper has been found to have a positive effect on people with diabetes because copper is responsible for the production of insulin in the body.
The healing properties for copper are tremendous, and the color makes the beads stand out even more.